Tips for keeping pets safe in winter months

Single-digit weather is quickly approaching, and it's important to remember to keep pets healthy and safe during the winter months.

The cold weather is just as hard on pets as it is on people, and a local veterinarian is offering tips for pet owners.

It's important to keep pets indoors, and when they do go out and come back in, wipe their paws to remove any salt or other particles.

Keeping pets safe during the winter is important for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, but there's always a greater concern for younger and older pets.

"One of the first things we think about is cold weather, and we get especially concerned about the very young and very old, and those pets that have poor body conditions, so they are super skinny, so always we want to be concerned and want to bring those guys inside," said Catherine Webb, a D.V.M. Kirksville Veterinarian.

With the upcoming holidays, it's also important to make sure to keep your pets away from any hazardous decorations and plants.