Tips on planting flowers

Ostranders Flowers in Eldon say most flowers need at least a half day of sunshine every day

Itâ??s finally starting to feel like spring as temperatures reached nearly 60 degrees in the area on Thursday.

And with spring, come flowers!

This is the time when those with a green thumb start to get out their gardening tools. And at Ostranders in Eldon, employees told us that the most popular spring time flowers are pansies, snap dragons and petunias.

These flowers can handle the sometimes colder weather spring can throw at us with no problem.

So how do you know when the right time to plant is?

â??You want to make sure the ground is warm enough because if it's too cold itâ??s just going to sit there and probably rot because it's just not warm enough. One of the best ways to check is to actually till it up and stick your hand in there. If it feels good, go ahead and plant it and make sure that the dirt crumbles nicely. If it clumps and stays tight, don't do it. If it falls apart a lot, it's too dry and Iâ??d wait until it rains,â?? said Kaylee Forsyth, Ostranders Flowers.

Forsyth said that most plants need at least a half day of bright sunshine.