Tips to stay healthy in the New Year

Along with the New Year comes resolutions to stay healthy and eat better.

It can be difficult, and it only gets harder as time goes on. But a few little things will go a long way, and Hy Vee Dietitian Heather Ware shared her New Year's health tips with KTVO.

First, skipping meals can lead to overeating during the day. Try to refuel your body every three hours, and eat breakfast daily.

Also, be aware of what you're drinking. A 16-ounce drink can have between 150-200 calories. Instead, boost your metabolism and hydrate with water.

Listen to your body for hunger cues. Ware said sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger. She recommends drinking water before deciding to eat, to be sure you really are hungry. The body also takes 20 minutes to "feel" full, so don't overeat.

Most importantly, watch your portions and know what is on your plate. Ware has a special plate that she marks to know how much of each food she should have.

"Fruits and vegetables in total should take up about half your plate," she said. "Then grains, such as a pasta or bread, and proten, such as lean meat, grilled chicken or a fish, should each take up about a fourth of your plate. This makes translating the dietary guidelines and what you should be doing to be healthy much easier."

And if motivation is your problem, Ware suggests keeping a food and exercise journal to keep you more accountable.

"If you get in the habit of writing down every day what you're eating or what kind of physical activity you're doing, that becomes habit to do those things," Ware said.