Tis the season for potholes

Itâ??s something that annoys drivers everywhere: potholes! This is the time of the year for them.

Potholes are formed through a natural process of freezing and thawing in the roadways.

This time of the year we typically see extremes in temperatures and a lot of moisture which contribute to these annoyances.

Citizens are urged to call the city with any pothole complaints and within a few days the pothole complaints and within a few days the pothole will be taken care of.

â??Right now weâ??re using an injection potting system which is a large truck that sprays a tack oil and essentially mixes asphalt right into the hole. Usually with that type of potting there's a bit of gravel left on the surface to kind of help cover that and we encourage folks out cycling early in the season to be aware that there may be some look gravel on these potholes,â?? said Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa Public Information Officer.

Rodgers said drivers should slow down when approaching a pothole and the city is not responsible for damage done to vehicles caused by potholes.