TNA Wrestling takes over Ottumwa's Bridge View Center

TNA Wrestling came to Ottumwa's Bridge View Center Saturday.

Star after star filed into Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center Saturday evening to put on a show.

"It is always fun to be apart of TNA Live, especially here in Ottumwa Iowa tonight. They get to meet with some of their favorite wrestlers and we interact with each and every one of them. If it wasnâ??t for the fans, you know we wouldnâ??t have these beautiful jobs,â?? said TNA Wrestler Jeff Hardy.

For the first time ever, TNA Wrestling came to Ottumwa, and these guys knew how to entertain the crowd.

â??We donâ??t do a lot of preparation we like to go out there and kind of feel the crowd and go from there and tell a good story ,â?? said TNA Wrestler and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

For the two titans of industry, Angle and Hardy know the pressure on their shoulders to compete, and they do it for their fans.

â??There are a lot of young people here a lot of kids that really look up to me and a lot of the other wrestlers and whether they want to be pro wrestlers or pro athletes or doctors or lawyers or teachers you just go to go after your dream,â?? Angle said.

For Hardy, he knows that this profession takes a toll on his body, but it is his passion.

â??Its good to think you can go until the wheels are off but I think it is smart not to do that take a break every now and then,â?? Hardy said.

But not just anyone can take on Hardy, as KTVOâ??s Scott Kellum discovered.

â??The chance of you taking on me in the ring, maybe hell froze over. I donâ??t know,â?? Hardy said.