Today is national take your dog to work day

Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

If youâ??ve heard a little barking in the office on Friday, thereâ??s a reason for that. June 20th is National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Twin Pines Adult Care Center in Kirksville welcomed some furry friends to take part in the celebration. Workers at the center understand the importance of stimulating not only the residents, but the animals as well.

â??They sure did love â??em and they all noticed how friendly they were and how relaxed they were," Twin Pines Activities Director Ruth Anne Picker said. "Certain ones started running down the hall and I thought, â??well thatâ??s fine. That just sounds fine and they want to go visit some more of our residents.â?? Our residents just love having animals around."

Pet Sitters International created the day in 1999. The purpose is to celebrate the great companions that dogs make and encourage pet adoption.