Too much rain means bit of delay in soybean planting

Heavy rain has kept farmers pushing back soybean planting.

The heavy rain has kept Missouri farmers out of the fields for most of last week and pushing back soybean planting.

Farmer Bob Jackson of the Jackson Country Connection Farm was one of the many affected by last year's drought. Now this year it's too much rain and extra moisture in the soil that is preventing him from planting his soybean crops, with June 1 the ideal date to plant them.

"It's too wet. If you go out there with the equipment right now, it would pack the soil, then you would have a compaction problem with the soil. You want it to be dry and workable. It's one of they problems we go through every year," Jackson said.

Jackson says he would need dry weather for about a week to allow the soil to be at the right moisture level to plant the soybean crops. He's not worried though since there is still time to plant them.

As of May 28, only 40-percent of the soybean crops has been planted. By this time last year, farmers had 95-percent of their soybeans planted. The five year average is 83-percent.