Tools and Tips for improving your home

Tools to help you improve your home

Do it yourself home improvement projects are underway. With the kids out of school and the days getting longer, the home work begins with you.

Tuesday morning on Good Morning Heartland, we spoke with experts and they say improving your home only requires a few extra tools and safety tips. You can build, stain or do maintenance on your wooden deck yourself and there are only two main tools you'll need.

"Two biggies, a good drill and a good saw, because you're going to be driving a couple thousand screws and cutting a couple hundred boards," said Nick Oliver with Lancaster Lumber. "Hearing protection with sawing is pretty big because those always get pretty loud. Eye protection; stuff flies from everywhere especially if you're hammering or drilling or screwing."

Oliver says most of the tools are pretty inexpensive and can be bought at any home improvement store. He says always wear hand, eye, and hearing protection when working with these tools to prevent serious injury.