Tornado rips through Seymour

A tornado touched down in Seymour just after 8 p.m. Monday.

It started at the south end of town and lasted about seven blocks.

No one was injured, but it did a number on a few houses and the school's main building.

The second and third floors of the school took a direct hit from the storm.

No one was on campus when the storm hit.

Seymour Mayor Caleb Housh told KTVO the city is still assessing damage.

He is confident the school can be restored.

Right after the storm hit, the city issued a temporary evacuation because of a gas leak.

Close to 100 people stayed at an emergency shelter, stationed at the city's community center.

Housh says cleanup starts immediately.

"We are pretty lucky. We're pretty fortunate. There were no injuries. Everything that was damaged can be rebuilt and we're a strong little community. We'll get everything fixed up," said Mayor Housh.

As of 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, power lines were still down.

Main roads in the area are blocked.

All traffic should avoid entering Seymour on the south side of town.

We continue to follow the damage the storm left on communities.

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