Tortured cat suffers physically while owner suffers emotionally

Carol McKee believes her cat has been tortured

Bloomfield resident, Carol McKee, is asking for you help. On Monday morning, she found her cat in the basement and what she saw was horrific.

And now she wants answers.

â??She was burned around her face, her whiskers were seared, the fur up here was seared and some of her claws looked like theyâ??d been cut or something and then of course the great big cut was on her. So Iâ??m sure it has to be torture,â?? said McKee.

McKee filed a report with the Bloomfield Police Department on Monday and they said they treat all cases of animal cruelty very aggressively.

â??Weâ??re still in the beginning stages. We don't have a lot of information. That's kind of why we've been asking for help. I've talked with some people around and we haven't necessarily confirmed exactly what has happened to this animal so we're just trying to look for some more information and see if we can figure it out,â?? said Zach Dunlavy, Bloomfield police officer.

If McKeeâ??s cat was indeed tortured, this is what she has to say to whoever did it.

â??It is not okay to do that to a living being. She has feelings. All animals have feelings. It's not right to do that. If youâ??re on drugs you need to get help and if you just think itâ??s funny, you need to get psychological counseling because it's not funny -- you see the wounds on her. I'd like to say a whole lot to them but Iâ??m not going to say anymore,â?? said McKee.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Bloomfield Police Department at (641) 664-2700l