Transformer fire puts students in the dark

Crews on the scene of a transformer fire Thursday located on Truman State's campus

A transformer fire affected power to most of Kirksville Thursday morning.

The Ameren transformer was located at Truman State University's campus.

It knocked out power to the school as well as the neighborhood east of campus.

Ameren, Truman's Department of Public Safety and the Kirksville Fire Department all responded to the burning transformer. Crews had issues breaking into the cage where the transformer was housed and the fire spread, taking down a second circuit breaker.

Reports came in that power was going on and off as far north as Walmart.

Truman students were surprised about the transformer fire.

"Well I was hoping to go to the library to get a lot of studying done but since there's no light in there I'm having a hard time , so Iâ??m gonna go there and try to figure it out. I'm pretty sure I have a presentation during my class in the afternoon so it's kind of messing up my day a little bit," said Rachel Rockaman.

"It kind of throws our schedule off I guess but in general, it's a nuisance. There's no wi-fi for example. A lot of students need a lot of things to get done. It's more of nuisance than a blessing," said Jabari Allen.

Tim Baker with Trumanâ??s Physical Plant says most of the power was restored to campus by noon.

Crews are still trying to balance out the heating boilers in the transformer.