Travel not advised in southeast Iowa

Traveling on Iowaâ??s roadways was being discouraged Wednesday, after southeast Iowa was the target of a snowstorm.

The Iowa State Patrol advised motorists to stay off the roadways, while also prohibiting towing services, being that conditions were just too dangerous.

In Wapello County, deputies with the sheriffâ??s office echoed the same concern as the state patrol.

â??If you do not have to be anywhere, there is not need to go anywhere,â?? said Chief Deputy Don Phillips with the Wapello County Sheriffâ??s Office. â??Do not go, because you are also putting the officers at risk at going out and getting you should you wreck or go in the ditch.â??

Several agencies across the region reported that compared to the blizzard southeast Iowa received in December, this storm is seeing less accidents associated with it.

â??This morning we had some minor accidents that occurred with vehicles in the ditch. Throughout the day, I think we had a minimal amount of people going in the ditch. We have had a couple, but I think things have gone better than the first snow storm we had,â?? Phillips said.

Phillips added that the department does have a few tips for drivers if they have to drive in the winter conditions.

â??Let people know your destination and route; so if you do not make it to your destination, law enforcement has a route they can go and check for you. Also, pack some blankets in your vehicle. Also, make sure you have some snacks in case you are in your car for a period of time. We do not advise that you leave your car running when you are in a ditch. Run it for a period of time, then shut it off,â?? Phillips said.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is constantly updating the road conditions throughout the state through their Twitter account, and also through their website.