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      Traveling magician visits the Adair County Public Library

      Summer reading activities turn magical at the Adair County Public Library in Kirksville.

      B.J. Talley is a traveling magician from St. Joseph, Missouri.

      Talley wrapped up this week's library activities with a magic show on the west side of the library lawn.

      There were a couple hundred people attending the event.

      Childrenâ??s librarian, Diane Burger, says this summer's science-themed activities have been a success.

      Itâ??s a win-win situation. Weâ??ve got a great theme this year. Weâ??ve got great kids reading. We have had phenomenal speakers this year with our programs on Tuesdays, our local scientists on Wednesdays, our high school teachers who are coming in and doing programs and our Thursday entertainment, where we have professional entertainers that come in and do educational messages. Itâ??s just been fantastic this summer,â?? said Burger.

      The final library program for this summer will take place next week.

      There will be a swimming party at the Kirksville Aquatic Center.

      In the meantime, kids are encouraged to sign up for the reading program before July 3rd.

      Sign-ups are held at the Adair County Public Library.