Tri-County Electric customers raise concerns over bill

Members of Tri-County Electric Cooperative continue to raise concerns about their bill.

â??The utility bill is like a car payment, or a rent payment or part of a house payment that makes it a big difference to a lot of people,â?? Brenda, a Tri-County Electric customer, said.

â??The total amount was considerably more, but more than that looking at the percent increase not just the consumptionâ?¦not just the energy consumption, but actually the charge per kilowatt hour is what increased,â?? Brenda said. â??And so, when you figure that it ends up being about a 25 percent increase not just in the amount of energy consumed but in the amount that you're paying per kilowatt hour.â??

Now, KTVO did some math, and the cost per kilowatt hour did go up 1.6 cents like General Manager Jane Bahler-Hurt said, but the percent increase was much higher.

When we compared two bills without the added power cost adjustment, the percent increase per kilowatt hour was 22.9 percent.

The percentage will be different for everyone depending on how much they use.

Brenda said she called Tri-County about her concern and to see what she could do.

â??I did ask if members could attend their meetings and they said that you could, but you had to fill out a request form before you could attend the meetings,â?? Brenda said.

She said if you have questions about your bill, the best thing to do is contact Tri-County.

â??I think that people should just keep contacting Tri-County, again it's not the (personâ??s) fault (who) answers the phone and Iâ??m ware of that,â?? Brenda said.

She said you can also contact the board members and you can click HERE for a link to their names.

We also have put a link to a Microsoft Excel sheet that we created that may help you figure your percent increase. The spread sheet was created by KTVO and may not completely reflect your bill.