Tropical and Italian Salsas

Tropical Fruit Salsa

Tropical Fruit Salsa â?? Great on Fish, Chicken or Pork

This can also be used as a dip with crackers. Top a brick of cream cheese salsa and dip away.

Mango - 2

Red Pepper â?? 1

Jalapeno â?? 1

Red Onion - ½ onion

Cilantro â?? 1 bunch

Dash of Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper â??

Apple Cider/ White Balsamic/Red Wine â?? 1/3 c. or to taste

Extra Virgin Olive Oil â?? 1 c. or to taste

Dice all ingredients in ¼ dice mix thoroughly add salt, pepper, vinegar and mix. Let chill for a minimum of three hours to allow flavors to marry.

Italian Style Salsa â?? Great on Fish, Chicken or Pork

This is great served on toasted Italian baguette or French bread.

Tomatoes â?? Roma, Hot house, cherry or grape (or freshest available) - 2 lbs.

Italian Parsley (Flat leaf) â?? 1 bunch

Or Fresh Basil

Red Onion â?? ½ onion

Dash Salt

Dash of fresh ground pepper

Olive Oil

Red wine or Balsamic Vinegar

Duane Wood

Director, Nutritional Services

Ottumwa Regional Health Center