Trouble Town performs at 'Summer on the Square'

Trouble Town is looking to revive a dying genre of music.

Trouble Town of Elmer, Mo. performed various classic rock hits at Summer on the Square in Kirksville Friday night.

Band member, Kenny Baker, says this is the band's third year playing in the Summer on the Square, which is sponsored by the Kirksville Arts Association.

The band features a drummer and two guitar players. They say they're looking to revive a dying genre of music.

â??There are a lot of different kinds of music out there and not everybody appreciates them all so you just have to find your audience and try to find gigs that match up. Thatâ??s what we've been doing,â?? said Baker.

There are two more Summer on the Square events being held in Kirksville.

Those dates are Friday, August 22 and Friday, August 29.

"Mostly Mandolin" will perform country story songs next Friday evening.