Trout released in Ottumwa pond

Excited Ottumwans took to the campgrounds Saturday to go fishing

Hundreds of people came out to catch 1500 new trout which were released into the pond. The trout came courtesy of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and should help increase the city's tourism this spring and summer. The D-N-R expects most of the trout to be caught within the first month, and almost all will be gone by July 4th.

Parks Director Gene Rathje says it is a great event for families in the City of Bridges.

"They deposited them into the pond at 10 a.m. And people have been catching them slowly one by one ever since. The two biggest trout's so far have been two pound brook trout caught by 10 year old girls. It's the first time trout have been stocked in Ottumwa. We had to make it into a special event."

Rathje says the D-N-R may restock the pond again in October.