Truck bulldozes into home

A truck ran into this house on Chester Ave. between midnight and 1 a.m. Thursday

Itâ??s not everyday a truck runs into a house but according to neighbors it was between midnight and 1 a.m. on Wednesday that a stolen pickup truck ran into a house on Chester Ave. in Ottumwa close to the McDonalds.

The truck went right into the front of the house into what appears to be the living room.

While KTVO was on the scene, the homeownerâ??s house cleaners was there inspecting the damage. She said the resident was unharmed and is currently staying at a hotel.

â??This is absolutely crazy because I go in and out of those front doors every time Iâ??m here at least three or four times. And to see that truck sitting right there and that front room right there, thank goodness that is not where she sleeps, thank goodness. But right on the other side of that wall is where she sleeps and that is too close for comfort if you ask me,â?? said Lisa Wick, the residentâ??s house cleaner.

We also spoke to the next door neighbor who said he did not hear the accident at the time of the incident but came outside when he saw flashing lights coming from law enforcement vehicles and fire trucks.

The neighbor said he is worried about his own house when the truck is removed for fear it caves into his house.

The suspect for the crime is Gregory Ableman who is currently being held in the Wapello County Jail on several charges. The charges are OWI 2nd offense, alluding, theft 2nd degree, leaving the scene of an accident, drug and under suspension, illegal possession of prescription drugs, stop sign violation and SR-22 required.