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      Truman alum, Bush cabinet member donates personal artifacts

      A Truman State University alumnus was honored for his service and achievement.

      Alphonso Jackson, former Secretary of the Department of Housing, and Urban Development was honored at Pickler Memorial Library on Truman's campus.

      Jackson served during the Bush Administration from 2004-2008, and Friday he dedicated his personal collection of artifacts and shared his experiences with the campus community.

      Jackson spoke to students throughout the day and stressed the importance of being active in the government.

      "No matter what party they choose to be in, no matter what candidate they choose to vote for the most important thing is to get out and vote, and to make sure your vote counts. Because I think it is very important and we've seen how in the last six years a number of younger people beginning to vote."

      Jackson also stressed the importance of all adults participating in the political aspect of our country.

      Although he has already donated a great deal of his artifacts to Truman, he tells us he plans to dedicate all of his personal collections to the university.

      Jackson graduated from Truman back in 1968, he says Truman has shaped the person is has become today.