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      Truman film was shot completely in Kirksville

      A few Truman State University students are ending the semester with something to celebrate.

      About 200 students gathered at Violette Hall on campus for the rough cut red carpet premiere of "The Company."

      The plot resolve around a college student who works in the drug business to help pay for his college tuition.

      The film was shot entirely in areas around Kirksville. The crew says this film wouldn't have been possible without community support.

      "We shot at four different real estate locations. We shot at a bar. We've been throughout the city. We had to deal with the authorities making sure we were safe out. We faked car accidents and fake weapons. Without the support of the Kirksville community, it would not happen at all," said Director Joshua Turner.

      Everyone who attended Tuesday night's screening was asked to fill out a survey. Turner said he and his crew will look over them to help make them make adjustments.

      Next the film will be put into final cut during the summer.

      The film is planned to be entered into film festivals around the country and the student oscars.