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      Truman honors graduates at spring commencement

      College graduation season brings major transitions, with decisions about whether to move back in with mom and dad or to find a fill-in gig to pay rent while the job hunt continues.

      Well those decisions didn't matter Saturday as more than 800 Truman State University students received their college degrees at the university's spring commencement.

      It's the moment most college students dream about and it definitely showed at Stokes Stadium as family members and friends cheered the graduates on.

      Dr. Paul Gaston III was the commencement speaker and pointed out one key word: intentionality. Reminding the students and the proud parents that what these graduates have accomplished was done with intention and purpose.

      The cheers, the laughs, but most of all the degrees every graduate received is one that will last a lifetime. Emphasizing the sky's the limit for the college graduates.

      Chantell Johnson graduated Saturday at Truman. She has been on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition since last May and her final weigh-in is in Chicago on May 24th.