Truman professors not making the grade?

Every year when school is over many college students go to and spill all the beans on their teacher.

Using this website is how many students decide if they will take a class with a certain teacher.

Now, the Center for College Affordability and Productivity compiled a list of schools with the best and worst professors using ratings from

The list includes 25 universities with the worst professors and Truman State University came in at number 21.

One student we talked to said he does not agree.

â??The professors at Truman are very difficult,â?? said the Truman State University Sophomore. â??So, I would agree that we do have difficult professors, but I don't think that it was necessarily justified in saying our professors are very bad. I think it's more based on our difficulty.â??

Many of the schools on the list are schools that concentrate on fields like in science, technology or engineering, which are academically challenging.

So, what do you think?