Truman State hosts the annual 'Big Event'

Truman students register for the Big Event.

Truman State University hosted the Big Event Saturday.

Students met at the Truman Mall at 9 a.m. for sign-ups and breakfast.

The Big Event is hosted by the Truman SERVE Center. Itâ??s a day for students to give back to the community.

After registering, students posed for a group photo, then headed for their service sites.

â??Something that I think the Kirksville community will see most is almost 200 students going to do street clean-up for the city and so I think you'll see them around most frequently. Other people are going to residence houses and they're going to rake leaves, wash windows, paint and that sort of thing,â?? said Shelby Sims of the SERVE Center.

The SERVE Center is offering additional service sign-ups to the community. Sign-ups can take place through the â??True Serviceâ?? and there will be no affiliation with the Big Event.