Truman State students have opportunity to join Peace Corps

Truman State students had the opportunity to learn about an alternative to finding a job after graduation.

A Peace Corps field-based recruiter was on campus Thursday afternoon to speak with students about joining the service.

This allowed the students to learn what it would be like to live and work in a community overseas, all while helping others in the process.

The program was open to all students, but graduating seniors were the main focus.

The students were able to watch a video about the history of the Peace Corps, and see the different places they would be able to work, and who they would be able to help. The Peace Corps is a different alternative for students that are graduating soon, but are not entirely ready to join the workforce.

"Many companies and businesses and non-profits and government agencies are looking for graduates who have some international experience, and that can be very expensive. Even study abroad can be expensive, but with Peace Corps, everything is paid for.

If interested in joining the Peace Corps, or are looking for more information, contact Field-Based Recruiter, Joe Zucchini