Truman State students learn about the Judicial System

Truman State University students had the chance today to see first hand how the Judicial System works.

Three judges from the Western District of the Missouri Court of Appeals paid a visit to the university. The judges and students listened to attorneys argue a number of cases with topics ranging from burglary to paying estate taxes. Students then had the chance to ask questions about the Judicial System and cases. Judges from the Court of Appeals visit numerous colleges and universities throughout the year. They hope to give individuals an opportunity to observe a part of the Judicial System they don't usually see.

"It's nice to have contact with the next generation coming up. This is a generation that will be state representatives, senators, judges, laywers, and this gives them a look behind the curtain to see how re really work," said James Welsh, Missouri Court of Appeals Chief Judge.

This is the 8th time the judges from the Western District Court of Appeals have visited Truman State to conduct court proceedings.