Truman State Symphony Orchestra holds chamber concert

The Truman State Symphany Orchestra held their chamber concert Thursday evening

The Truman State Symphony Orchestra held a chamber concert Thursday evening. The concert served as a recital so that two students could show their conducting progress.

The orchestra performed pieces ranging from the Romantic to Classical Eras and ended with a multi-conducted piece.

Andrew Robson and Luis Viquez were this year's conductors and they anxiously awaited Thursday evening's show.

â??Yeah, it's very exciting to be here, to do this... I think the pieces are special and they're not really performed too often, so it's a nice treat to be able to do that,â?? said Robson.

â??I must say that I am really thankful for all the opportunities in the music department that Truman offers to us and it's about being able to work with excellent performers. It reveals that here at Truman, here in Kirksville, we have a very high quality music program,â?? said Viquez.

The concert was open to the public and free of charge in Truman State's performance hall.