Truman State to offer study abroad scholarships

Students at Truman State University that have an interest in studying abroad, will have an opportunity to apply for scholarships in the New Year.

The university is offering numerous scholarships for the students, including two endowed scholarships.

The endowed scholarships available to the students include the Holman Family Study Abroad Scholarship, in which 8 students are eligible to receive $2,500 and the Rigdon Family Study Abroad Scholarship, in which 3 students are eligible to receive $2,000.

The other scholarship available from the university is the Truman State University Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship, where 10 students can receive $1,500 towards their education.

"Many of our students come from middle income families and providing opportunity and access is at the core mission of Truman's existence, so endowed scholarships are very, very important," said Mark Gambaiana, Truman State Vice President of University Advancement.

The scholarships are available to students with a current FAFSA on file. Applications for the scholarships are due January 23, 2014.