Truman State tuition likely to remain level

Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon has proposed a 5 percent increase in state funding for colleges and universities around the Show-Me-State. That likely means Truman State University won't have to raise tuition.

The governor's fiscal year 2015 budget proposal includes an additional $36.7 million dollars in funding for Missouri public universities, which would enable Truman to continue the current tuition rate for Missouri undergraduates. Out of the Top 100 Best Value Public Colleges, Truman is ranked number 12 in the nation by 'Kiplinger's Finance Magazine.'

"We believe seriously that one of our missions is to provide access, not just access to education, but access to the very best type of education. High quality education, and we know students are facing a lot of challenges with the cost of higher education and obtaining a degree. We know that theirs an issue with increasing student debt across the nation," said Troy Paino, Truman State University President.

Truman State is Missouri's only highly selective public liberal arts and sciences university, and has the highest graduation rate among other public universities in the state.