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      Truman State University brings glass recycling to Kirksville

      Glass recycling is making a come-back in the city of Kirksville and it's starting at Truman State University.

      About eight student organizations are participating in the glass recycling initiative.

      The organizations collect the glass recyclables from the student dorm buildings twice a week.

      Molly Turner says this is her first year on the Student Senate and she thought the idea would be perfect because the senate couldn't get the idea approved in previous years.

      â??Since I am the Environmental affairs chair, it seems obvious that if the student body wants to do glass recycling it's almost my job. I just felt like it was the minimum I could do in this position this year,â?? said Turner.

      If there are any organizations that would like to get involved in the glass recycling program, visit the Senate Office on the lower level of the Student Union Building. Turner says she has presented the project to the Kirksville City Council for possible expansion throughout the City of Kirksville.