Truman State University expands campus sexual assault prevention system

<font size="2">According to a White House study, statistics show that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted each year on college campuses.</font>

According to a White House study, statistics show that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted each year on college campuses.

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is working to reduce those numbers.

McCaskill says she aims to introduce legislation as the next school year starts. Among her initial priorities, she said, are: empowering victims to step forward, improving training of university staff who handle cases, and clarifying various requirements for colleges under laws such as Title IX, the Clery Act and the Violence Against Women Act.

Mollie Killion, a senior at Truman State University, says in her 3 years on campus, safety has never been an issue.

"The university will send out emails if there is an incident somewhere on campus, just letting us know if something happens, so occasionally there are incidents, but I've never experienced any," said Killion.

State legislation is in the works requiring universities to survey students about sexual violence happening here on campus.

"Our Department of Public Safety publishes every year what we call the Clery Report and it's another act that requires us to report a number of crimes that happen on campus," said Dean of Student Affairs, Lou Ann Gilchrist, Ed.D.

Along with the Clery Report, there are several other requirements the school has to consider.

"We also have confidential places on campus where students can go to talk to someone about what happened to them," said Gilchrist.

The latest Truman Crime Report was released in September of 2013. There were a total of four reported instances of sexual assault since the year 2010.

"As long as you stay somewhat reasonable when it comes to the time at which you come home alone or walk out alone, you're safe,â?? said Truman senior, Alex Hromockyj.

"It's our responsibility to try to stay on top of that and on top of our students and do what we can to improve our processes,â?? said Gilchrist.