Truman State University prepared for student's return to classes

Winter break is over, and classes are back in session at Truman State University.

During the break, members of the Truman State Grounds Crew were busy preparing for the student's return to campus.

Although most students were away, many sporting events and other activities were still held at Truman.

The grounds crews kept busy by making sure the different buildings including the dorms, student union, and Pershing Arena were accessible after any significant snowfall. The crew has a total of 12 workers who helped keep the campus clear over break and to prepare for the student's arrival when they came back for the new semester. T

he biggest concern for all members of the grounds crew is keeping those who are on campus safe.

"Well the main thing is safety. I mean you know a lot of the kids, everything around campus and the university is accessible by foot and that, so the number one reason would be safety," said Luke Mudd, Truman State University Grounds Supervisor.

Among other duties, the Truman State University Grounds Crew clears all campus sidewalks and parking lots after any snowfall.