Truman State University resumes classes

Truman students returned to school Thursday.

If you noticed a little extra purple and white around town, thereâ??s a reason for that. Thursday was the official start of classes at Truman State University.

Campus was buzzing with students new and old heading to class and preparing to take on the new year.

Administrators believe the first day is significant because it represents a new chapter in the studentsâ?? lives that will influence their future.

"College access is everyone's responsibility,â?? said Regina Morin, Trumanâ??s Vice President for Enrollment Management. â??Our country is stronger if we have an educated population. Education is such a wonderful track to elevate someone socially.â??

Students we spoke with chose Truman for the affordability and proximity to home, but they have discovered there's more to college life than that here in the Heartland.

Sophomore Jackie Howell is excited to be back on campus meeting new people.

"We've got a lot of clubs that are starting up soon so I'm really excited to see what happens with that,â?? she said.

"I really like the liberal arts aspect of it when you get to learn about a lot of different things and it has a really great cost and really great community too,â?? agrees freshman Lauren Richardson.

Final enrollment numbers won't be official for a few more weeks, but school officials say totals should be in line with last year, which was about 6,200 students.