Truman State University steps back into 1954

Truman State students and administrators had the chance to step back into 1954.

A time capsule from that time was opened at a special ceremony Monday afternoon. The items in the capsule were housed in a cornerstone from the original science building. The capsule contained Truman State formerly Northeast Missouri State Teachers College newspapers and announcements from the graduation held that August. Also found were class listings and student handbooks from that year. Masons that helped open the capsule say that finding and opening cornerstones is very rare.

"Many times we put cornerstones in place with capsules but very infrequently do we get the opportunity to open one that has been in place like that, so it was very exciting," said Jon Broyles, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Missouri.

A number of science students and professors from 1954 were in attendance. They reminisced about classes and fun held during that year.