Truman student advisors go through training to keep students safe

Truman students are preparing to head back to campus.

While their packing up their belongings, student advisors have already moved onto campus.

Multiple student advisors are placed in each building to help assist other students.

To help ensure the safety of students, they have been spending their time in training.

The training helps prepare them for a number of different situations.

â??We're looking at everything from what do you do if there is a weather situation, what are we going to look at if there is some sort of facilities concern; all the way to mental health and medical situations,â?? said Zac Burden, Missouri Hall Director. â??We want to make sure the staff is covered for any situation that might come their way.â??

First-year students are scheduled to move-in on Saturday, August 16th.

Upperclassmen will move-in a few days later for the start of classes on Thursday, August 21st.