Truman student getting award for opening a big door for the visually impaired

Sierra Gregg, a senior and computer science major at Truman State University was born visually impaired due to a genetic disorder called Aniridia which left her without iris in both her eyes. Even though with her disorder, her will and the support of family and friends has helped her get far in life.

She got the chance to be a social media intern for The Presidential Libraries at The National Archives in Washington D.C. two years ago. There she proposed a website to put all historical documents related on Americans with disabilities such as The American Disabilities Act. Today the website has access to 50 records on the subject.

Her accomplishments got the attention of The St. Louis Society for The Blind and is getting the Student of Achievement Award from them.

Gregg says this has been a memorable experience.

"I feel really good that I was able to make the history of Americans with disabilities more accessible to people who have an interest in it. The National Archives is a guardian to our nation's history with a lot of records that are very important," Gregg said.

Gregg will be getting the award on April 13 in her hometown of St. Louis.

She says people with disabilities should always have the opportunities to go out and see the world.

If you want to learn more about the website Gregg helped to create, click here.