Truman students attend philosophy and religion forum

Students at Truman State had the opportunity to attend a forum if they are looking into a new major.

Students interested in making the switch to philosophy and religion majors had the opportunity to attend a discussion to see what those classes would be like. The discussion was titled 'The Most Human Thing We Do: Religion and the Need to Create'. The students had the opportunity to listen to professors speak on the topics, and ask questions about the importance of philosophy and religion majors.

"Sometimes we find that students need to have a little bit of a taste of what scholarship in philosophy and religion looks like before they become intrigued and want to take classes and major in it, and so this is a little bit of an overview of what you can do in philosophy and religion," said Dr. Derek Daschle, a Truman State Professor of Philosophy and Religion.

Truman State holds numerous forums for students to attend if they are interested in possibly making a change in their major.