Truman Students attend 'War on Drugs' lecture

Truman State students spent the evening learning what it will take to end the 'War on Drugs'.

The students heard from a speaker from the Institute of Policy Studies in Washington D.C. He spoke on what the United States needs to do in order to change the foreign drug policy.

Sanho Tree, the Director of the Drug Policy at the Institute believes that health, safety, and economic growth needs to be a top priority as opposed to criminalization of drugs.

Tree stresses that the 'War on Drugs' will continue to be a hot button topic in today's society.

"Drug policy is one of the most interdisciplinary problems I've ever worked on. It includes economics, international relation, human rights, development, chemistry, you name it. So, it's relevant to so many different academic disciplines," said Sanho Tree, Drug Policy Project Keynote Speaker.

The 'War on Drugs' is just one of many global issue lectures that Truman State hosts. The next global issue lecture is scheduled for April 24th, with the topic to soon be decided.