Truman students learn the beauty of the piano

Truman State University's Piano Department held a Piano Festival this weekend.

Truman State University music students got the chance to expand their weekly music lessons this weekend.

The Truman State Piano Department held a Piano Festival that lasted Friday until Saturday.

The students went to a recital to see guest pianist Brian Hsu play. Hsu also got to give lessons to students on piano performance.

The faculty says it is wonderful to see the students both learn and play.

"It's something that takes a lot of dedication over many years. These students have been studying piano for over 10 years. It's something that is really important to them so we're just so delighted to be able to have this opportunity," said Truman State University Piano Professor Dr. David McKamie.

During the festivals, four incoming freshman piano majors had the chance to audition for a full four year scholarship to Truman.

The students should be getting word if they received the scholarship in the next few weeks.