Truman students look to improve a campus creek

Truman Biology student, August Kersten, talks about creek issues.

A few Truman State University students have plans to improve the look of campus.

August Kersten and Michele Woolbright have presented a proposal to the Kirksville Watershed Commission, as well as the Truman State Senate to improve the Truman Bear Creek Walkway.

The creek has a number of serious problems, including flash flooding and erosion.

The two students are looking to restore the creek by planting trees and plants that will hopefully help slow erosion and filter pollution.

â??Well Iâ??m really passionate about the environment and how this can affect human health. Bare Creek can actually cause a lot of harm to people and wildlife just by the way the different kinds of pollutants that are in it can really hurt people and hurt wildlife, so I really want to clean this so we can see the campus look better, be safer and just to be a public service to Kirksville in general,â?? said Kersten.

The proposal was presented to the Kirksville Watershed Commission on January 16th and the Truman State Senate on January 19th, if approved the improvements will begin immediately following approval.