Truman students play video games for more than just a "fun time"

Gamers participating in 'Smashed for Charity' in the Student Union Building at Truman.

The Collegiate Gaming Association is a varied group of Truman State University students who come together to play video games.

Meeting times to play the games are at least once every week, but this week the group met up to raise money for charity.

To attend the â??Smashed for Charityâ?? event, each member paid a $5 entrance fee. They were given the opportunity to compete against every opponent in attendance.

The gamer with the most wins is to later choose a charity to donate the proceeds to.

â??I'm so happy the turn out was this big because in previous semesters, it wasn't this big. It seems like each semester, it's getting bigger and bigger, so that makes me really happy that we are able to give back to the charities more than we have in the past. We always have to top what we did the year before,â?? said gamer and â??Smashed for Charityâ?? organizer Matthew Passini.

For more information on the Collegiate Gaming Association, you can email Passini.