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      Truman students prepare for the 'Big Event'

      Truman State University will host one of its biggest events of the year Saturday morning.

      Hundreds of Truman students will provide service to the residents of the community in ways like raking leaves, washing windows and more.

      Trumanâ??s SERVE Center invites anyone in Kirksville to sign up for the free help on the day of the event.

      Truman students say 'the big event' allows them to show their appreciation for the support the Kirksville community offers Truman. However now, it's not limited to one big day.

      â??We have been moving toward a new kind of sign up registration through our True Service which is open to all community members. They can actually call in to the serve center and register a task separate from the big event any time but we're integrating that into the big event making registration easier and increasing the awareness of that,â?? said Trevor Wood, a SERVE Center volunteer.

      In previous years, more than 1,500 students participated in this event.

      Students are planning to meet at the mall outside the Student Union Building tomorrow morning before heading to their service sites.