Truman students talking about the importance of adoption

<p>Students at Truman State University are holding Adoption Awareness Week</p>

November is National Adoption Month and with over a half-million children in the United States who are in foster care, students at Truman State University in Kirksville want to bring up the awareness of adoption.

The university's Residential Life Group is holding Adoption Awareness Week.

Student Kaylee Kohne, who has four adoption siblings herself, says she has seen how positive adoption was for them and wants to share how other kids can feel about finding a forever family.

"In the US, they're over a half-million children who are looking for a home. I think this gets overlooked and I want people to understand this issue in the United States and know that if they are not ready to adopt or not called to adopt, there are still other things they can do for kids that are in need," Kohne said.

There will be events at Truman State throughout this week on adoption awareness such as a panel on adoption Tuesday evening, a showing of "Despicable Me" on Wednesday, a service night on making blankets for foster kids on Thursday and a dance fundraiser on Friday.

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