Truman's Physics department invite a guest speaker

Truman State University's physics majors are said to have a unique advantage in the engineering career path.

Truman alumnus, Ken Myers, spoke with physics majors and professors Wednesday about his success in Systems Engineering. Myers has worked for Raytheon for nearly 15 years.

He says the Truman Stateâ??s physics degree path offers technical and problem solving skills which are valuable to the engineering industry.

Myers says his professors were concerned with his professional career and it was evident through their teaching. â??So, I graduated in 92 and I had excellent teachers that really cared about me and gave me a quality education. When I got to graduate school, I met people from other schools and the quality of education I got was the same or better than people that went to Harvard,â?? said Myers.

Myers was invited back to Truman for a weekly physics colloquium discussion.

He says his reason for speaking to the Physics department was to encourage students to pursue career paths other than teaching and research.