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      Truman's top choir gives 'taste' for Pancake Day

      The Truman State University Cantoria choir held its 47th Pancake Day on Saturday, but what began as a simple fundraiser, appeared rise in octaves.

      Nick Spector, a member of the choir, said the choir always loves serving the community.

      "To perform excellent quality music," Spector said, "and to give a chance for Kirksville to be exposed to a culture they probably haven't been exposed to before."

      The Cantoria Choir is Truman's top choir and they have been in existence since the 1950's. The 62 member ensemble rehearses every day to make sure their voices ring effortlessly.

      Dr. Mark Jennings, Director of Choral Activities, tells KTVO his the students bring energy every day.

      "We meet everyday at 12:30. This is our top choir, it's called Cantoria and I think the everyday nature of it brings good rehearsal and energy everyday. I think the times when I feel like i need to push people is when we're in the middle of the semester and students are getting a little tired, and they've stayed up too late," Jennings said.

      The choir's harmonious delivery accompanied the nice breakfast they organized. Meanwhile, as they prepare for their 2 1/2 hour concert, Handel's Messiah will be next Saturday December 8th.

      The performance will be with the university orchestra in the Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall.