Truman's Wellness Zone promotes financial stability

Dr. Jackson shares a lesson in "Taking Control of Your Money" through the Wellness Zone.

One Truman student says learning to manage your money is essential to your well-being.

ReeAnna Winston is a senior at Truman State University and for class credit, she promotes the Wellness Zone on Truman's campus. The Wellness Zone is a service offered through Truman's library as a stress-reliever for faculty and students. The program offers massages, puzzles and trainings for those looking to remain healthy.

Wednesday's event focused on a different aspect of wellness, one ReeAnna says most don't think about.

â??It's all about money management like how to control your money and I wanted to do that because a lot of people in the beginning of the year they focus on their health, which is great but I wanted to take another route with finances, like are you able to control your finances and start off right with the new year,â?? says Winston.

Dr. Katherine Jackson, a finance instructor and local business owner, was Wednesdayâ??s speaker. She gave students guidelines on remaining in control of finances. There will be more Wellness Zone events to follow. The next event is scheduled for the week of February 10th.