Tuba players gather to perform 10th annual Ottumwa TubaChristmas

Tuba enthusiasts from various regions of Iowa showed up to Indian Hills' St. John Auditorium Saturday afternoon to perform the 10th annual Ottumwa TubaChristmas event.

The National TubaChristmas event has been going on for 40 years.

The event was created by Harvey Phillips in 1984 to pay homage to his teacher Bill Bell who grew up in Fairfield.

Anybody in the region is eligible to participate in the event.

Performers came from several areas including Des Moines and Baxter, and they all braved the winter weather for the love of tuba.

TubaChristmas Coordinator, Greg Hendrickson, said he's always interested to see who shows up.

"We always welcome more," said Hendrickson. "This morning we had about 20 players who came out in the snow to come play with us. Every year is different, and it's always exciting to see who comes back and what new faces we have. It's always fun."

The Ottumwa TubaChristmas is presented by the Lowly Brass Ensemble.