Turkey Safety

Whether youâ??re a veteran turkey roaster or a first-timer, itâ??s important to always follow food safety guidelines. Following these suggestions can help ensure a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone this year.

Food Safety Guidelines:

  • Defrosting your turkey â?? Leave the turkey in its original wrapping and place it on a tray in your refrigerator. You should allow five hours per pound defrosting time.

  • Cooking a frozen turkey without defrosting â?? If you donâ??t defrost your bird, you can cook it in the oven, but donâ??t grill, smoke, microwave or deep-fry a frozen turkey. Cooking time takes longer than if defrosted. Take the recommended cooking time for a thawed turkey and add 50 percent of that time to the original time. For example, a turkey that should take about 5 hours to roast if already thawed will take about 7-1/2 hours to roast if frozen.

  • Roasting time for unstuffed turkey -

  • 10- to 18-pound turkey: 3 to 3-1/2 hours

  • 18- to 22-pound turkey: 3-1/2 to 4 hours

  • 22- to 24-pound turkey: 4 to 4-1/2 hours

  • 24- to 30-pound turkey: 4-1/2 to 5 hours

*For optimum safety, the USDA does not recommend stuffing a turkey. For more even cooking, it is recommended to cook the stuffing separately from the turkey. Use a food thermometer to assure the stuffing reaches a minimum internal temperature of 165º F.

  • Check the temperature - Check turkeyâ??s temperature in three places: the breast, the outer thigh and the inside thigh. In every case, the meat should be at least 165°F. If any piece is under that temperature, put the turkey back in the oven for another 20 minutes. Shield the breast meat with foil if needed to keep it from overcooking.

  • Leftovers â?? Refrigerate leftovers within two hours of cooking.

Smoked Turkey Whole-Grain Slider

Serves: 4

All you need:

4 Hy-Vee Bakery Fresh 100% whole-grain cocktail buns

¼ cup apple butter, divided

¼ pound Di Lusso deli sliced smoked turkey or leftover turkey, divided

2 (1 oz each) slices Havarti cheese, halved and divided

1 medium apple, such as Granny Smith or Braeburn, cored and thinly sliced

4 fresh lettuce leaves

All you do:

1. Place buns on cutting board and split open. Spread apple butter evenly on top side of each bun.

2. On the bottom bun half without apple butter, place 1 oz. turkey, a half slice of Havarti cheese, one-fourth the apple slices and a lettuce