Turner back in Iowa, faces local court

Kenneth Turner, 55

A Bloomfield man accused of sexual abuse is back in the Heartland as of Friday morning.

Kenneth Wayne Turner, 55, appeared in a Davis County Courtroom Friday in an attempt to have his $100,000 cash bond lowered.

Judge Lucy Gamon declined to make any changes and continued the bond at $100,000 cash only.

Turner's case has taken quite a few twists and turns since he was originally arrested on several counts of sexual abuse after a 17-year-old male told police that Turner had molested him repeatedly over the course of several days in late September.

Turner was originally released after posting a small bond, but that bond was increased to $100,000 after Turner was arrested and accused of stalking the victim.

Turner then disappeared for several days before being arrested in Olmsted County, Minnesota last weekend.

Turner took the stand Friday morning and denied that he had stalked the victim, saying he was not in the area at the time stalking incident. When asked by the prosecution to offer some proof of this claim, Turner declined to do so.

At this time Turner is still in custody in the Davis County Jail.

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Turner could be back in Iowa by Friday