Turnout up for Heartland voting locations

Voters in Missouri are making their voices heard at the polls all across the Show-Me State this Election Day.

We spoke with local election supervisors at three precincts in Kirksville to get an idea of what voter turnout has been like.

Several polling locations in Kirksville said they are seeing record numbers and voters are coming out prepared.

Both election supervisors at the Rehoboth Baptist Church in Kirksville polling site say they've been steady all day with more than 700 people showing up by 2:00 p.m.

â??I believe more people came out this time, weâ??re still only about half way through, and so, if you double that were expecting, probably 1,300 to 1,500 voters,â?? Supervisor for Southeast 2 Benton Township Adair County Neva Powell said.

And, at the precinct at the Missouri Division of Family Services building, Supervisor Jean Charles said they are also seeing record numbers.

â??For us, it's been awesome,â?? Charles said. â??We've got about 380 so far. (Weâ??re) hoping for over 600, which for us, will be a record.â??

Voters said so far the process has been very easy.

â??My voting experience was wonderful,â?? Valerie Johnson said. â??It was very easy, no lines. I was able to walk in and vote and probably be done in five minutes.â??

Ronald Pulliam, Republican Election Judge at the Adair County Annex building said the only problem they have had is with people's addresses.

â??Turnout has been great,â?? Pulliam said. â??We've got 629 so far a little before 3. Weâ??ve been pretty steady all day. We haven't had a vacant period I don't think. Itâ??s been a little slow at times, but we've had a pretty good turnout.â??

And, some people have been posting pictures of their ballots on Facebook and Twitter.

It is illegal in six states, but it's ok to do that in Missouri and Iowa.