TV camera follows Wyatt in Jeff City, Kirksville, Novinger

A TV camera is following around State Representative Zachary Wyatt of Novinger this week.

The man behind the camera is Todd Cross, a freelance producer who is working on a documentary series for PBS.

The videographer recorded Wyatt working at one of the gates at the NEMO Fair in Kirksville Tuesday afternoon.

The PBS series that Wyatt will be a part of is called "In the Life."

It's a 30-minute documentary series that focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) issues.

You may remember Wyatt publicly announced that he is gay during a May 2, 2012 news conference at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.

He told KTVO Tuesday that the episode he is a part of will air in October.

â??It's just going around talking with members in the Republican Party that are a part of the LGBT group, so that's all that I know that's going on,â?? said Wyatt. â??It's interesting. It's one of those things, it's weird to have someone following you around with a camera."

The producer followed Wyatt around at the state capitol on Monday.

On Wednesday, the plan is to record Wyatt at his family's farm.

KTVO talked to Cross about his current project.

"In terms of this trip, we're just focusing on Representative Wyatt and trying to get a good sense of his professional life as well as his personal side,â?? said Cross.

Cross added that, in addition to Wyatt, the show will also include other politicians from the east coast and beyond.

He said a good part of the 30-minute show will focus on Wyatt.